Scope Of Business

Today, B2B portals are not just a fancy idea! They are an absolute necessity for all enterprises of any type and size. The advantages of having a quality B2B portal are massive. Implementation of a true high quality B2B portal could have immediate impact on company productivity. With the advancing of technology, the current age is gradually turning out to be an age governed and highly influenced by Internet. Businesses whether small or big, are promoting themselves through the Internet. Multitudes of B2B portals have come up that are enabling online businesses to mount up new heights.

AzuwaB2B Portal is for B2B Manufacturers, B2B Suppliers, Business to Business Buyers and B2B Wholesalers offers B2B Trading Leads, Selling and Buying Leads, Import Export Trade Leads and also Global B2B Directory to help B2B Online Trading Distributors.

AzuwaB2B portals script simplifies your business to give buyers and suppliers the freedom to do business and lower expenditure at the same time. Supply Chain Management Supply chain management solutions can deliver great values to company’s existing systems. Implementation of our solutions will help achieving incredibly high return on investment and will have tremendous impact on company’s business, which include: better productivity, faster order processing, greater visibility, the elimination of maverick or unplanned purchasing, etc

Key Role of AzuwaB2B Portals Script

They provide a platform to interact:

AzuwaB2B serve as a common platform where different businesses from all over the world can connect to each other and can carry out trade among them.

Break the boundaries of borders:

These portals script enable a company situated in one part of the world to trade with any other placed in distant part of the world. Boundaries do not play any role in this context.

Lead generation:

These portals script increase the business prospects that help in generating more business and maximize profit.

Faster communication:

It makes communication faster among businesses as compared to offline dealings. This helps saves both time and money.

Brand Building

A product becomes a brand when it is promoted through a well-designed website.

Showcase the offers to a larger audience :

It allows more and more options to a large group of audience. It targets a bigger group, which in turn leads to effective promotion.

Technology sharing:

As details of products are available on a website, any company can take the necessary tips so as to improve their quality.


Storefront for Participants Each associate of the B2B portal will get a Storefront that may reflect profile of the company, its products, services or other information.

Low Cost:

Low customer acquisition cost Effective portal branding on the Internet will help to attract customers from new sources. The cost of acquiring customers through online using AzuwaB2B is always cheaper than other traditional methods. It pays for itself :)

AzuwaB2B portals are extensively being used as they are fast and inexpensive means of business promotion as compared to the other means. You may have now got a clear idea about how B2B portals can be important for your business.

Buyer and Seller Preparations

Joining a AzuwaB2B marketplace is a straightforward task. Sellers and buyers must prepare, but preparations are minimal. The market maker is responsible for the bulk of the more time-consuming administrative and operational tasks.

From a seller's perspective, preparations include

From a buyer's perspective, preparations include

Please visit our DEMO for more details how the options are setup to simplify your online business.