Mobile Template

Mobile Template

Fully integrated dynamic layout with the main online version, but specifically designed for the mobile devices. Now you can stay in control even when you’re away from your desk.

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B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Pemium Theme

Azuwab2b is a continuously growing, massive repository of templates and / or custom designs coded on Web 2.0 and expertly coded in latest HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and many more.

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B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Multi Language

All texts are managed through the backend and ini files easily. You can edit existing languages, add new ones (LTR or RTL). This feature allows you to run web application in multiple languages.

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B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Customized Solution

Everyone wants to get their own unique identity. We create the perfect site for your business, personal brand etc. Our application can be customized entirely according to your business needs.

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B2B Business Directory Trade Script AzuwaB2B is a business to business (B2B)web portal trade Script. It is directory marketplace software especially designed as integrated platform for manufacturers, exporters, importers and wholesalers to find global buyers. The AzuwaB2B software works as bridge between trusted suppliers and potential buyers to help creating a online marketplace under your domain opening phenomenon opportunity for to your brand.

Now it’s your turn to create an efficient, trusted (web based) platform for B2B, B2C and / or C2C Marketplace to connect small and medium-sized buyers and suppliers from all around the world under your own domain. The AzuwaB2B Script is developed keeping in mind that, all the necessary features for Buyers, Sellers & Traders may look for. Therefore, it is extremely flexible to customize according to your needs using the power of administration, preference and setting which provides full control over the website like structure management, templates, server side forms, intelligent search and statistics to the administrators. You can earn revenue from your site by converting the traffic into ads and premium membership charges.

The AzuwaB2B Scripts can assist you in many ways whether you want to start a B2B Portal site for your own or your company or for business purposes in anyways it will increase your website traffic, increase business collaboration, Increase Brand name value, Increases Sales, Increase Earnings from Advertisings etc. The AzuwaB2B Scripts can also be used in the context of communication and collaboration. We have build the B2B Script by keeping in mind all the basic features a Buyer and Seller needs in any B2B Portal Site. We have also designed the user friendly and SEO optimized B2B Layout. Easy-to-go navigations for visitors and members with powerful searching and shorting feature. Excellent My Account Section for members, wherein members can easily keep track of all their sell leads and buying leads. Easy to contact features members-members, sellers-buyers, buyers-sellers etc.

Classified Multi-Vendor B2B Marketplace Software

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

SEO Friendly links

The AzuwaB2B Script has been designed and developed keeping it SEO in mind. We've focused on specific technical aspects of building this portal script so that it remains structured for both search engines and human visitors alike. In this context, we kept all modules such as categories, sub-categories pages, member’s landing page, lead details page, inner pages and many more are designed get better Search engine attention.

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Unlimited Merchant Accounts

AzuwaB2B increases your ability to create unlimited membership packages keeping control of managing e-commerce functionality of upcoming merchants. Therefore you can create numerous membership plans / packages with various options (ON / OFF) under different customized captions. It makes real sense of packaging to your visitors and ensures better return on investment (ROI).

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

No more Cloning, It’s an unique idea.

Unlike others, we avoid the concept of more cloning or coping concept from others portal. We “Think different” something like unique from anyone has ever introduced before you. AzuwaB2B is an unique and proprietary web portal script focusing on B2B marketplace which has it's own feature list and functionalities.

AzuwaB2B web portals script are developed focusing of core B2B, B2C and C2C business concept after doing extensive research and analysis on online b2b market place. The application’s business logic is heavily focused to its own platform. Therefore we neither looks like others application nor anybody’s web application would like ours.

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Power of e-Commerce

AzuwaB2B supports enterprise level distributed electronic commerce through multi merchants using respective (preferred) payment gateways. We advice our client to apply extreme caution before enabling it, because it may create huge market exposure that needs to be maintained cautiously. It will create a phenomenon opportunity if you can properly and securely use distribute e-commerce functionality with some effort to online marketing may ensure enormous growth to your business.

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Classified Listing package

The administrator is free to create the packages for the customers he prefers.

The packages can differ on price, the number of days in which the ads expire, featured ads (they show up with different background and always on top of the search results), time of approval etc.

Having different packages can increase the profits of the website owner by offering the services to the customers they need.

B2B Business Directory Trade Script

Google Maps in Listing Details

We have integrated Google maps in our classified script so users will be able to evaluate distance to listings on the map. Search for ads within a specific radius based on a zip code allows users to immediately get search results within their location. The software is integrated with the new Google Map Api version 3. Now, it supports adsense on Google map which shows the adsense related to the map location. Google direction service is also integrated for each ad with location. It means visitors can easily find direction to the ad location on ad detail page. Directions are available in driving, biking and walking modes. This new feature makes adding a map to the listing much quicker and easier - the map is added directly from the location and address selected by the user.

Key features of B2B Marketplace Script

  • Security Enhanced
  • Ads Revenue
  • Benefits
  • landing site
  • Multi-Vendor
  • Listing Categories
  • Power of Search

Security Enhanced

B2B Business Directory Trade Script We understand that, B2B web portal is one of the most favorite places for spammers where security and spam protection is extremely important. Keeping the security aspect in our mind, we have added extra layer of control to allow IPv4 and IPv6 based access permission.

Furthermore, with the power of built-in ACL based access permission system, you can set permission for role (group) or given user to separated modules. Powered by IpLock plugin, you can prevent accessing from configurable IP addresses. This plugin, off course, can be turned on or off in back-end.


B2B Business Directory Trade Script Our Ads managed addons tool is fully featured and support customizable classified Ads as per your requirements. The Ads management module is the most completead management solution available. It's a very flexible system you can use it for one or more of these purposes. You can also use this script as advertising platform for your products / other sites.

The ads management add-on has a lot of advanced features, for example a support for any number of ad sizes, an option to use classic banners (jpg, png, gif, swf formats), plain text/HTML ads as well as ads based on templates. There is available a real time and historical statistic, advertising and publishing accounts, all public pages are based on templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor) and many more.

Benefits of Business owner

B2B Business Directory Trade Script If you’re planning to run a B2B Portal Site for business purpose, our B2B Script will help you a lot. With a small online marketing & promotion of your site, you can easily drive a good number of traders to your site. You can keep a reasonable membership fees for providing B2B Trading platform for sellers and buyers.

The AzuwB2B script consists of an internal messaging system with inbox, trash and flag, search massage, favorite list & special list for vendors and consumer. The members are classified according to their levels like gold, silver and bronze and the degree of limitation depends upon their membership which is configurable. Revisions like post, list, re-list or remove can be done on offers and catalog items.

Company landing site

B2B Business Directory Trade Script One of the most significant aspects of AzuwaB2B Script is each members will have a landing store page designed with respective logo, company name and membership information. It’s more like a storefront page where a company or members can publish their profile, products, offers, contact info, receive inquiry and many more.

We are constantly upgrading the storefront page to look more features rich so that, it would looks like an full featured landing websites under your domain. This creates values to your customer and allows you to get better SEO attention seems like you host many landing sites under your own B2B marketplace. - See more at:

Multi-Vendor Store

B2B Business Directory Trade Script Finally, A True Multi-Vendor Store The term "Multi-Vendor" means that multiple vendors, or seller, can each sell their own items within one store area. Most "Multi-Vendor" solutions combine all vendor items into one large store.

But PHP Pro Ads "True Multi-Vendor" solution allows each seller to have their own store, which makes PHP Pro Ads one of the most powerful "Multi-Vendor" products in the marketplace.

Unlimited levels of listing categories

B2B Business Directory Trade Script There are no limitations for number of levels for the front site categories, so the administrator can define the categories he prefers with the structure he wishes. Our php classified ads script that allows unlimited categories and sub categories which can run unlimited levels deep.

You can define your category hierarchy from your script admin panel. He can also add custom fields for selected categories directly from the admin panel.

Power of Search

B2B Business Directory Trade Script We know you are planning to play with huge listing, large datasets, tons of leads and number of companies which is going to be phenomenon. Therefore we made your plan achievable by allowing very powerful search and sorting algorithm.

You can enjoy the power of intelligent search to frontend, admin and members area what allows you to find the most accurate and particular leads within the very short span of time.

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Amazing design and experiences can only be achieved by talented people. Luckily for us, we are surrounded by amazing talent and that talent transcends their expertise into fantastic experiences. Let us be part of your team and let us create amazing results for you.

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